Friday, 2 March 2012

Ishq:Fails to Get It's Meaning..!

Movie Review: Nithiin is back on the big screen after years, in director Vikram Kumar's " Ishq" also starring Nithya Menen. 

Rahul (Nithiin) who is studying in Delhi travels to Hyderabad to see his parents and Priya (Nithya Menen) is heading to Hyderabad to visit her brother Shiva (Ajay). Both are on the same flight and after fighting over some petty issues, they end up getting along quite well. As fate or rather Mother Nature has it, the flight is forced to land in Goa, instead of Hyderabad, due to bad weather. The two have an extra day together, during which they fall in love. 

When they fly back to Hyderabad, they discover that Priya's brother, Shiva (Ajay), who is at the airport to receive her and Rahul have been enemies for a long time. And so, when Rahul tells Shiva that he loves his sister and wants to marry her, hell breaks loose. Will the two lovers ever unite?The rest of the plot unravels the story. 

While director Vikram Kumar's first Telugu movie, "Ishtam" that released more than a decade ago, was a dud, "Ishq" too fails to be a fitting comeback. Through the course of the slow-paced movie, you almost know what will happen in the next scene. 

What's interesting is Nithiin's stylish new avatar. The actor, who has never looked this good, seems to have focused more on histrionics than his dancing. Nithya Menen is good but her expressions are over the top in some scenes. The first half of the film belongs to the lead pair, but their chemistry is not as sizzling as expected. 

Ajay, as Shiva, plays a different character, but he doesn't do full justice to it. Ali's brief appearances evoke a few laughs. 

The movie disappoints due to its bad narration, lack of proper screenplay and the entertainment factor expected in Tollywood movies. However, it makes up for a lot of this, thanks to the cinematography by PC Sriram which earns full points. The movie looks stylish and the picturization of songs are beautiful. 

Disclaimer: It's a chic flick that might go down well, only with the multiplex crowd