Tuesday, 3 January 2012

The 2012 pole shift has started

When I first started the website December212012.com back in August 2005, I warned you about a coming pole shift. At that time the earth’s magnetic pole was about 2 to 3 degrees to the right of true geographic north. Scientists have now determined that the magnetic poles has moved even further north and will continue to move causing major concerns.

On January 7th the main stream media informed us that this slow but steady shift is having an effect on the airline industry. As a result, the Tampa International airport and airports around the world are being forced to make changes to their runway marking to adjust for this irregularity of onboard composes. Please view this video:


Let me try to explain what is going on. Envision the earth itself as a clock, and the internal magnetic poles of the earth as the hands on that clock. The hands of this clock were originally pointing geographically at 12 o’clock due north and 6 o’clock due south and have been there for about 26,000 years. Our sun and the center of our Milky Way Galaxy directly influence these poles (hands), which are influenced by other surrounding planets and galaxies and so on and so forth throughout the entire universe.

On the winter solstice of 1999, which I call the beginning of a 13-year tribulation, the poles began to move in relationship to the universal cycles. Scientists are now telling us that the hand-pointing north is now at 10 minutes past 12 o’clock, and the south facing hand has moved 10 minutes towards 12 o’clock. This gradual movement of the poles (hands) is not only having and effect on composes, but is having a direct influence on the earth it self. The effected influence on earth’s crust is causing an increase in the number and intensity of natural disasters such as earthquakes. While at the same time the external influences of the sun and Milky Way Galaxy are effecting our atmosphere which is the reason for the increased weather patterns such as tornadoes and rainfall that is bringing widespread flooding around the world.
As the magnetic poles continue to shift, we can expect to see even more earthly and atmospheric disasters. The earth will continue to violently quake, devastating entire regions, the sun will thrust massive solar flares in our direction destroying the electric and communication grids, and people who are not prepared will die in number we have never seen before.
The coming pole shift is simply part of a grand universal cycle of events. These events will continue to occur until such time as the universe comes back into alignment. From our standpoint here on earth, we can only realize a small part of this universal realignment, which we recognize as the December 21 2012 galactic alignment of the sun, earth and center of the Milky Way Galaxy. This event will mark the end of our 13-year tribulation period, and will bring peace and stability back to our planet for another 26,000 +/- years.
You’re not going to hear a lot about the continuing pole shift from the news and government sponsored scientists for fear of causing a worldwide panic. Instead, you will hear about and even witness for yourself the increasing natural disasters and unusual weather events that are taking place all over the world. Just know and realize that these events are taking place right now, and don’t be surprised when they start happening in your own back yard.